Dr. Ken S. Chen's Physical Clinic

Internal Medicine ・ Cardio-Vascular ・ Geriatrics
Chinese Herb Medicine ・ Acupuncture Therapy

       Our Clinic established and opened October 1977. 
 In early times  consultations are Internal Medicine especially Cardio-Vascular Disease. 
 On February 1980 our clinic was renewed and established Chinese Acupuncture & Herb Medicine Research. 
 And at same time  started Chinese Herb Therapy

 At present, Dr. Tomomasa Egawa is invited to co-president and he is the specialist about Acupuncture therapies.

       President Dr. Ken S. Chen M.D. ,Ph.D. who is the specialist about Cardio-Vascular Diseases.
Cardio-Vascular Disease  means Hyper blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Heart diseases, Vessel disease,
and also disturbances of Autonomic Nerve Systems.
       And also he consult about general Internal Medicine and geriatric diseases for about digestive organ disease,
respiratory system and internal secretion disturbance diseases such as Diabetes,

       In case of the difficulty of the western therapies, we are doing Chinese Herb Therapy.
These are more less of side effect than Western medicines.

     We are harmonizing Western and Eastern medicals in case of necessary.